Day: October 4, 2021

Garden Building Company – What Is It?

The Garden Building Company Ltd, otherwise known as the Garden Building Trust, is an active business incorporated on December 1998 with its registered office located at Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The Garden Building Company Ltd was set up as a limited liability company, for the benefit of its stockholders. On 22 December 1998, the company was registered with Companies House under the name of Garden Building Trust. There are presently 2 active directors listed on the company’s accounts and 1 director as per the latest confirmation lodged with Companies House. The company is also associated with various trade groups and individuals interested in purchasing its building material products. Read More –

Garden Building Company – Providing Bespoke Garden Rooms

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the UK Environment Agency, the Garden Building Company Ltd must ensure that it complies with all of the requirements concerning environmental protection and the requirement for planning permission before undertaking works which will have an impact on the environment. The company is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the obligations of local town halls regarding the granting of planning permission and for obtaining the necessary planning authority approvals for the completion of green retreats in areas outside its incorporation area. It is also responsible for ensuring compliance with all of the UK laws and regulations regarding water conservation and the supply of electrical connection and all relevant information and documentation relating to its green retreat projects. It is recommended that the company carries out an annual review of its compliance with these by-laws.

Before undertaking any work involving the construction of green retreats or the provision of garden building materials, the Garden Building Company must undertake an inventory and report of all materials. This inventory should identify all relevant garden rooms and garden buildings such as sun rooms, kitchen facilities, heating systems, air conditioning systems and any electrical connections and installation. All records and documents relating to the construction of the garden building or green retreat must be kept by the company in a file and it is highly recommended that a register of material lists be kept.