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How To Buy Mexican Auto Insurance For Canadian Tradesmen

Are you looking to buy auto insurance for Canadian tourists on the Mexican side of the border? There are many auto insurance companies that specialize in offering Mexican insurance to Canadians who drive illegally in Mexico. These auto insurance companies usually offer coverage for vehicles in Mexico only, but this can change at any time. The advantage to purchasing Mexican auto insurance at the Mexican-based insurance company rather than an American-based one is that coverage for vehicles bought in Mexico may not be eligible for American coverage under Mexican law.

Find A Quick Way To Mexican Auto Insurance For Canadian Tourists

When you are looking for Mexican auto insurance for Canadian tourists, you should first get price quotes from three or four Mexican Insurance Store. This will help you compare the cost of Mexican auto insurance to that of American auto insurance. Make sure that you do not buy a cheap Mexican auto insurance quote only to find out that the policy was invalidated when you took it out in Canada. Before taking out a Mexican auto insurance policy, make sure you research all aspects of the Mexican policy, such as what kinds of vehicles are typically covered and the rates for various types of coverage. If your goal is to drive to Canada, you might also consider buying Canadian insurance to keep yourself safe in Canada if you get stopped at a border checkpoint.

Once you have purchased Mexican auto insurance, you will need to purchase Canadian insurance to drive legally in Mexico. You will need to follow all of the same laws as you would in Canada with regard to auto insurance and registration. The same procedures will apply. If you are staying in Mexico, some auto insurance companies in Mexico will assist you with obtaining registration and licensing. In some cases, you may also be able to purchase Mexican auto insurance for Canadian tourists at the same Mexican auto insurance company that you bought your Canadian auto insurance from.