Central Sydney Osteopaths

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Central Sydney Osteopathy

Central Sydney Osteopathy is a clinical health practice that involves the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the bone and joints of the body, especially the skeletal system. Central Sydney Osteopathy has grown out of the complementary medical practice that started in the 1800s in Australia. The treatments are based on the belief that disease results from a breakdown in the function of the musculoskeletal system. The treatments used in Central Sydney Osteopathy revolve around treating the whole person, rather than simply treating the symptoms of an illness or disorder.



Central Sydney Osteopaths offers a wide range of services for patients with various conditions. Many of the ailments that the osteopaths treat are not curable and require long-term treatments. As such, the primary goal of the treatment is to prevent further damage and promote healing. The holistic approach adopted by the Central Sydney Osteopaths makes use of a combination of gentle exercise, dietary supplementation, and a well-balanced diet to encourage overall health. To treat conditions such as neck pain, back pain, and joint pain, the osteopaths perform a comprehensive physical examination. In addition to diagnostic tests, the primary treatment involves several treatment protocols aimed at promoting the prevention of further disorders and maintaining the integrity of the bones and joints.


The aim of treatment is to relieve pain, promote mobility, and reduce the chance of future injury or illness. As such, the osteopaths provide both preventative and maintenance treatments. Preventive care consists of preventative exams, therapeutic procedures, and post-treatment maintenance. Maintenance therapy is designed to increase the effectiveness of treatment and to improve the function and efficiency of the whole body. As with any health-related program, regular monitoring and adjustment is required to ensure optimum success.

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