Certified Public Accountants in Downers Grove Illinois

Jan 25, 2021 Accounting

Accountants in Downers Grove are among the most talented individuals available to the professional business community. Certified Public Accountants ATA CPAs are in high demand for their skills in corporate finance and tax preparation. “We basically specialize in tax preparation, accounting and auditing.”

ATA CPAs – The First Creation Account

Certified public accountants at the Union County area of Illinois are employed by a number of businesses such as restaurants, hotels, corporations, hospitals, government agencies, accounting firms, hedge funds and many more. The area boasts a high rate of growth and has become one of the best places to be located to live in the United States. “We have a very competitive salary and a very nice benefits package,” said Jay Johnson, a Certified Public Accountant at UPS Tax Solutions in Downers Grove. “We also get stock options, annual leave, paid vacations, 401k plans, and discount medical plans.” Johnson added that he expects the demand for CPA services to continue to grow as the baby boomers begin to age and retire.

“The CPA market is a fantastic opportunity for career opportunities with the potential to grow as your income increases,” said Peter Cappuccio, Certified Public Accountant at Advantage Consulting. “The CPA market is just starting out, and now is a great time to be certified because of all the openings and new clients that are opening up year after year.” According to Cappuccio, Downers Grove is one of the fastest growing cities in Illinois, and the number of accountants in the area has increased at an amazing rate. He anticipates that as the baby boomers begin to age and retire, there will be an increased need for these highly skilled individuals.

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