The Different Types of Slat Fencing

Jun 13, 2021 Home

Slat Fencing refers to horizontal wooden or steel slat walls, which can provide security and aesthetic value to any building application. They are highly effective and when properly maintained can last a lifetime. Slat fencing is one of the most popular options and many businesses incorporate it into their existing building to enhance the value and safety of their premises. The versatility of slat fencing is unmatched with other forms of fencing, providing a high level of protection with high levels of accessibility. Slat Fencing has evolved over the years to cater for a wider range of customer requirements and is now an integral part of many building projects.

Are You Embarrassed By Your Slat Fencing Skills? Here’s What To Do

Slat fencing has the strength to handle the heaviest animals, such as livestock and is also known as the bulletproof fence because of its ability to withstand the impact of a shot or axe. It is made with galvanized steel which provides long term corrosion resistance and long lasting performance, no matter how harsh the conditions. Slat fencing is a simple, light-weight option that offers the most recent in modern architectural design. It can easily be incorporated into your building with prefabricated panels that can be installed by an expert installer with minimum disruption to your existing property. Ezi-slat fencing is a very secure, modern looking alternative to traditional vertical fences and is available in different widths and heights for maximum security and visual appeal. Ezi-slat fencing is rugged, long lasting, low cost, high quality and is adaptable to a wide range of applications.

There are several different types of slat gates available from a variety of manufacturers, which include: Ironclad, Slazenger, C&M, Balfour, Bullbarrier and many others. The various types of slat gates include: Chain Link, Polycarbonate Panels, Vinyl Gates and Slat Gates and these provide the security and aesthetic appeal that customers demand. Your choice of slat fencing will depend on the purpose for installing it and your budget and will suit the needs and budget of any business or commercial property.

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